About Me

Hi there, thank-you for dropping by Nibs & Ink, my humble little spot in the vastness of the internet.

My name is Jon, I’m 35, I live in the UK, and I have a slight (ok, huge) love of stationery, you might even say an addiction.

This blog however will focus mainly on Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen Inks although there will more often than not probably be other items of stationery goodness thrown in for good measure. I will be reviewing the pens and inks which I own personally and talking about all things pens and inks (and stationery) and sharing it with all of you wonderful stationery addicts out there. The pen and stationery community is full of great people and this is my small way of reciprocating that passion for pens with all of you who share the interest.

I have used fountain pens casually since my high school days (Parker Jotter & Vector) but was for the most part a ballpoint user. Several years ago however, I picked up a Lamy Safari (Blue) whilst browsing the shelves of a well know British high street newsagent, it caught my eye and I decided to buy it, and as they say, I have never looked back since.

From here I went on to buy a converter for my beloved Lamy Safari and thats how I discovered to seemingly never ending array of ink choices you can fill your pens with, (Waterman Intense Black was my first, followed I think by Parker Quink Black), as you can see my initial colour choices were not very exciting but that soon changed.

I don’t in any way profess to be an expert on pens or inks, I am constantly learning as I go along, and as I have come to realise, there is so much to learn.

There are many excellent resources available to you already on the internet in the form of blogs, reviews and YouTube channels and many have helped me in making choices about which pens and inks I would like to try or have guided me as I tried my hand at vintage pen restoration, and that is part of the reason why I have created this blog, so that I can share my experiences and and help others, and that can only be a good thing.

Please feel free to interact with me either by leaving comments on my posts or by visiting my Instagram feed @nibs_and_ink which I post to on a regular basis. Stop by and check it out, follow if you don’t already do so and don’t forget to like and comment.