Blog Ethics

The products which you see reviewed and discussed on this blog have in the most part been purchased by myself with my own funds. Occasionally I have been offered a product to review from a retailer/manufacturer at no cost to myself to be featured on this blog and should I subsequently choose to, my Instagram profile (and where applicable in the future, any other social media platform which I may choose to use)

In the interests of fairness and openess, I treat all items that I review in the same way and with the same criteria for review relevant to the product.

Transparency and openness is very important in such cases of products being offered for review, which is why I have clearly set out the responsibility to myself and my readers in the following paragraphs.

Where an item has been provided at no charge for the purpose of review, this in no way influences the output of my review and my opinions of the product or in anyway clouds my judgement.

I enjoy the experiences and exploration of different pens, inks, papers and accessories and part of the fun is to share this with others so that they to can learn and share their own experiences.

I will always highlight the good and the not so good aspects of all the items which I review on this site, regardless of how the item has been funded, to do any other would be a let down not only to myself but to anyone who is looking at my review for an honest and unbiased opinion of the product.

When you read any review contained on this site, you can be confident that the views I am expressing are my own, unbiased opinions based upon my own personal use of the product.

Where an item has been provided for review, I will always highlight this fact at either the start or end of the review, along with a link to this code of ethics.

There are no affiliate links contained within any of my reviews and I do not have any sponsorship with retailers or manufacturers.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to seek further clarification of anything contained herein.

Updated: July 2019